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Professional Photographer

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Professional Photographer

When you are looking for a professional photographer, there are lots of factors you need to take into consideration.

Is the photographer qualified?

There is a difference between doing an online course, picking up a camera and shooting a wedding.

And doing three years of University and working as a press photographer for over a decade – when picking your professional photographer for your wedding.

There are lots of photographers out there, in fact they saturate the market.

But have you ever looked at a photo and thought to yourself, that doesn’t quite look right?

That’s your inside voice saying, ‘hang on there is something wrong with the composition of that photo!’

Direction from professional photographer

It does not matter if you prefer a candid style of photos or more posed style, your photographer will have to direct you.

This means, she will have to tell you how to stand in front of the camera.

The reason for this is because you don’t have your photo taken everyday unless your a model.

And you need to learn how to stand so that the photographer can capture your best angle.

They only way this can be achieved is if the professional photographer directs you.

Never tacky

At Click Chick Wedding Photography, we always do this in the most natural way.

We hate tacky shots, like the groom kneeling in front of the bride, and suitcases at the train station! (This used to be a thing)

Always ask!

Always ask your photographer what her qualifications are, doesn’t hurt to check they are also a register business!

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