Do you need a wedding album?

Wedding albums I’ve done lots of them throughout the North West, the Mid North Coast. As well as the North Coast and Northern Tablelands of NSW, Illawarra and Sydney.

I aim to cater for different brides with different needs and budgets, which include packages without albums.

But I’ve noticed one something missing at the end – no wedding album.

And it’s not because I don’t have wedding albums as part of my wedding packages.

It’s because if you pick a package without an album option, you will never do an album.

Why no album?

The reason for this is simple, life gets in the way and you get busy.

For all the best DIY and cost-saving intentions those photos will stay on the USB or your computer forever, without a hard copy version.

I think having your wedding photos on a USB is important.

And at Click Chick Wedding Photography we give you every photo that we take on the day.

Including the original raw photographs plus the ones, we have corrected.

But we also do amazing albums, which are reasonably priced, customed and Australian made.

Quality Albums

When you pay that little bit extra for an album, it’s because we sit there and individually layout your album to suit your photos.

The pages in our albums are thick and luscious, on photographic paper that doesn’t leave finger marks, and they can be individually styled to your liking.

Different covers, embossed names, invitations or older photos included.

So all that customization, creative layout and expertise are what you are paying extra for.

We think we are still very reasonable, as far as wedding photographers go and we’ve done that for a reason.

So you can enjoy our classic, timeless image forever.

If you have any questions about our wedding photography, click here and fill in our contact form.