Wedding celebrants are incredible! To stand in front of an audience and deliver your message of love, with passion and pizazz – it always amazes me how confident and in control, wedding celebrants are.

Valla Beach weddings

Recently, I went to Valla to photograph a wedding and met Deb McMahon. I had seen Deb around the Nambucca Valley at a couple of expos and around the wedding traps, but this was the first time that I had seen her in action.
The bride was late, but that didn’t matter to Deb, she took it all in her stride mingling with the guests, introducing herself, finding out who was who, making sure the groom wasn’t too nervous.
She is definitely a people person, and made friends with just about everyone there!

Walking down the aisle

When the bride walked down the aisle and was presented to her future husband, Deb’s face was glowing, smiling ear-to-ear, it is obvious she loves what she does.
Her ceremony presentation was warm and intimate, fun and welcoming.
She had encouraged the bride and groom to add their own traditions to the service, the Welcome to Country was definitely a nice touch, all the wedding guests loved it.

Experienced celebrants

After, I learnt that Deb has been registered as a celebrant since 2006 and she is coming up to her 250th wedding ceremony, which is a lot of I do’s!

I can understand why though, she is very down-to-earth and professional, reflecting on the importance of the ceremony, yet delivering warm, loving words, that the bride and groom will remember always.

Beautiful vows

She has a sensational sense of humour and it is so obvious that she has worked hard to develop a special bond with her clients prior to their big day.

Celebrants near me

The Nambucca Valley has many different wedding vendors like Deb, who can offer so much, on your special day.
You can connect with Deb McMahon – Wedding Celebrant on Facebook or on her website here.

Also big shout out to Deb’s roadie – husband Les!

If your a wedding vendor who’d like to feature on our website, let us know!