It’s all about the wedding location.

What wedding location? It’s the inevitable question you are going to hear from your wedding photographer. 

So where do you want your post-ceremony photos taken?

Here are some tips:

Pick a location that means something

Here is your starting point, if you got engaged in the most romantic place in the world, then why not have your location photos taken there.

It’s most likely a place that you know well and it has a special place in your heart for both you and your new husband. Being in an environment that you feel comfortable and romantic in will make you be at ease and this will reflect in the final result in your wedding album.

Is it accessible?

Remember, you will be most likely wearing high heels and a corset! Unless it’s an easy walk and you can get there in your joggers, don’t pick it as a location.

Similarly, while it’s beautiful to take location shots on a beach, if you and the bridal party have to climb over jagged rocks to get to your favourite spot them it would be wise to rethink your selection.

You will be surprised how long it takes to get anyway with everyone (the bridal party) in tow, so make it easy to get there, this is one of the major causes of being late back to your reception.

Yes, I am going to get my wedding dress wet and that’s okay or NOT!

Some brides are happy to get their dress dirty during the locations shots some are not. Make the decision well before your wedding day and tell your photographer.

Personally, as a photographer, I would prefer it, if a bride is adventurous and really doesn’t care if her dress gets a few dirty marks on it before the reception. It gives us photographers more scope and the opportunity to take different angles.

Be open minded

Your photographer will take the lead during the post-ceremony shots, directing you where to stand and how to stand, what to do and not do.

Sometimes, what they are saying doesn’t make sense or it might make you feel a little out of your square. Have trust and faith that what they are saying will make a great shot, be relaxed and have fun.

Think about colour and light

I’ve had brides change their wedding dates because they wanted to feature the falling leaves in autumn in their photos.

Locations in Armidale NSW is a beautiful example of this.

Likewise, the gorgeous beaches of Nambucca Heads.

Also the mid-north coast provide extraordinary colours and light which your photographer will be able to take advantage of.

So think about what time of year it will be and what colour your environment is likely to be.

Remember your backgrounds

If there is one thing I hate in a photo, it’s a electricity power pole in the background.

A professional photographer will make sure that these are not hiding somewhere obvious in the background of your photos.

However, if they are not there to start with it makes it easier for us all.

Pick wide open spaces, where your photographer can narrow down different smaller backdrops as your wedding locations.

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