Wedding Photos

So you can’t believe that your wedding day is almost here! It’s taken over twelve months to organise, you have agonized over bridesmaids dresses, wedding favours, the wedding photos. And the cake is the most beautiful you’ve ever seen and the flowers are thankfully, in season.

You want all your hard work to be captured beautifully by your photographer and so you should!

But what if you get your weddings photos back and realise that you hate the way you look in your photos. Just because you look stressed and are standing the wrong way?

Here are some little tips from Click Chick Wedding Photography

On how to stand in front of a camera for beautiful wedding photos:

 Tip 1: Stand tall and proud

If you get to your wedding day totally exhausted and stressed, this is going to show in your wedding photos, you will need to relax, take a deep breath and maybe a little champagne! The more you relax in front of the camera the better they will be.

Once you have done this, remember shoulders back, stand up nice and tall. A slouching bride doesn’t look good in any photo, professional or not.

Always stand three quarters to the camera, do not fully face the camera. This means bringing your shoulder a little towards the lense. If you photographer is a professional they will prompt you to do this but if not, keep it in your mind, to do this during the shoot.

It makes for a more flattering wedding photos no matter what size you are.

Tip 2: Listen  to your photographer

If you have hired a professional photographer to capture your wedding day it’s important to listen to what they have to say!

They have been around and properly photographed dozens if not hundreds of weddings, they know what works and what doesn’t. It’s okay to make suggestions, but if your photographer is a pro, s/he will know what’s best.

So don’t be afraid to sit in your wedding dress or walk along a beach in beautiful Coffs Harbour or Nambucca Heads! These often are the best shots.

Tip 3: Be happy with your selections

Presentation is everything, your hair, makeup, dress, flowers they all combine to make you look amazing on your day. Pick professionals for every element of your wedding couture.

Limit using friends or family unless they are professionals, remember if you are not happy with the work they have done, it may cause angst with your relations.

Tip 4:  Be candid, have fun!

It is easy to capture a great photo of a bride and groom who are having fun. Remember this is a day about you and your family and friends, a photo shoot should not be hard work for you.

Don’t forget to interact with your loved ones as much as you can, forget the camera is there. Candid photos are usually the most popular and natural, it will make it easier for your photographer to capture if you interact with your partner is your usual way.

Tip 5:  It’s all about the light

Photographers thrive on and search out for beautiful light all of their lives. Believe it or not but some of the best photos are taken on rainy overcast days! When organising the ceremony and location times keep in mind what time of day it will be.

For example: if you are getting married outside in the middle of summer at 2 o’clock the light is going to be harsh, if you make the ceremony later in the day, your photographer will be able to make use of softer more flattering light.