How to add some wedding style

Wedding style – there is nothing more inspirational as a wedding photographer then turning up at reception or ceremony that has been styled by a professional stylist!

The room just glows, everything is in place and it just sets the scene to celebrate your love and romance.

Hire a professional stylist

Hiring a professional stylist to add the finer touches to your wedding reception or ceremony location is a growing trend.

This is not surprising, organising a wedding is hard enough without worrying about how your reception will look!

Putting this job into the hands of a professional, one that can create an atmosphere and space that reflects your personality and style is highly recommended.

And not as expensive as you might think.

First steps

The first step is to have a chat with a professional stylist. In my experience, these people just ‘ooze’ weddings, what they don’t know about weddings you don’t want to know.

They are quite happy to sit down and talk to you for free!

From this initial conversation, the stylist can gauge what type of wedding will suit your personality and give some suggestions on what suppliers you could utilise.

If you are hosting a wedding in Coffs Harbour and mid-north coast region there are many stylists to choose from, (almost as many as there are photographers!)

We recommend you pick a stylist that:

  • Is easy to get along with;
  • Listens to your needs and wants;
  • Is happy to work within your budget requirements;
  • Has lots of experience styling weddings in your area;
  • Has access to great wedding suppliers.